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  • Writer's pictureJulissa Neely

This house, iron gate, this house, a tree swing sways

This house where voices whisper

This house, confusion

This house, old wisdom

This house, fire flaming

Her hands, folding cloths

Her story never told

This house, her eyes look up

This house, histories

This house, a story

This house, up the staircase

This room, under the lights

These old curtains, colors bleeding into the night

This house, filled with love now faded

This house, where children would run

This house, a race for life

This house, hearts ignite

This house, dreams awake us This house, our hearts break us

This house, for the reasons we know

This house we will lose a soul

This house, the stories we’ve told

This house, words leaving

This house, we are grieving

This house, lost days

This house, love and faith

This house, saying grace

This house, rain clouds

This house, wake up sleeper

This house, losers keepers

This house, silence

This house, she leaves us

This house, not our home

From this house we will roam

Over hills and valleys

Wild and free in our next degree

Dimensions unfold, the mystery

This house, leaving

This house, unfeeling

This road lights up the valley

Over the roof and above the moon

Stars rally

This day, ready

This night, heavy

This time, door opens

Come in and stay

We know we can’t keep her

We know it’s today

This house, the curtains clinging to the darkness singing

Amazing grace how sweet the sound

Amazing grace what’s lost is found

This house, the doors locked

This house, the clock stops

This house, the reaper knocks

This house, it’s time

to say goodbye

Step into the sunshine

This house your keeper

This world, you’re sleeper

Wake up, you dreamer

This house

This house


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  • Writer's pictureJulissa Neely

Love is

No dying wish to make amends

When it’s too late

And it’s been too long

When the breath in our lungs

Can’t help us speak

what we want to say

To feel

To know

This life is not a thing to survive

Not a thing to show the world we have won

We got what we wanted

The damage is done

If we love each other

and speak honestly

With no regret we will be free

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  • Writer's pictureJulissa Neely

I leave you as I found you

Bent and bowed

Covered in golden light

Luminous, gliding flights of birds soaring through your branches

Hillsides careening down around your roots

Flushed of first spring light

Beautiful sight

The ocean roars and rumble

Over earth and sky, I stumble

Winter never comes here. Only beauty runs here.

Burning into my brain, this is something I can't contain

Wild woodland winding around the edges of the cliff

down the hillside to the mouth of the river

flowing into the ocean of forever

A new place to remember

something to forget

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