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Oh Memory- New Year's Resolutions

We will sleep the night away in wakeful dreams or somber serenades

as we dance toward tomorrow

Take my hand love

Slip your arm around my waste

Touch my lips

Let the wings of wisdom sip from this winters cup

Made for love

Why do we hate

Made for love

What is this fate

That brings such darkness and such pain

Made for love

Made for love

We were carved in canyons of a deep desire

to find someone who does not aspire

Who only lives and breaths in love

Who only knows the perfect sun beating down on river streams

Where dandelions and lilacs and lovers dream eternal bliss

Nothing to take

Nothing to give

This world of ours born of fate

When earth touches sky and mountain high carries us into the night

Where there is no fear, nothing to hide

Naked beautiful, and bold

Never angry, never close to regret, you haven’t lost me yet

I walked with you in the morning dew with birds and butterflies and a chorus of

new melodies new words to say in silence or song

Swept away

Made to love, not made for hate

Made for love then this twisted fate

Turned fist to glove turned us to hate

To turn in shame

To turn our face from our reflection

To cloak ourselves in ragged riches

Compared to the beauty of paradise

It’s a beggars banquet of empty delights

Sick from the sweetness

Sick from the heat

Sick from the pounding heels on city streets

Covered in scars and invisible bars

In earthy hours, minutes, and days

we cannot wake; we cannot sleep

We are cold and hot and worn to the bone

Factory steam rising up where the robots gleam

And earn their sum

We stare and gape upon our screens

At strangers lives and strangers deaths

At the crowds of people, we will forget

As this year’s stories fade from site

The clock strikes midnight

All asleep all dream

Will we remember ourselves as we are today

Full of some love or hate or sadness or joy

Some conversation some regret

Some feeling we can’t shake

Will today be any different from tomorrow

Will we know how to love or speak or wake any better or stand any taller in the face of the winds and worries of each bend in the road

Will we will be free or found chained to some illusion

some New Year’s resolution we didn’t need to make

Life takes itself too seriously

In an instant, we are gone

Will they remember me

Will I be better off tomorrow

We lift our glasses and make a toast

Should old acquaintance be forgot

And never brought to mind

Should old acquaintance be forgot

In the face of Old Langsyne

Do you remember that time when we……..?

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