• Julissa Neely

I remember you

Though it's been a long time

Your angry face

Your bitter words

Your hunger for a battle

Your passion for fate

Your desire for reason in an irrational state

You've read everything and you've seen everyone

And you know it is over before it's begun

You always remember what the critics say

It was over in an instant

The game you played

Playing martyr to your victims

You won't take the blame

You were back downtown

with your friends in high places

Running fast to the top

Running fast just to taste it

The sweet cocktail revenge

The sour note - ammends

Then a cryptic goodbye

You were up in arms

You were in the flow

You were sleep walking

Darkness stalking

The one's who loved you

Who's twisted faith

became a wholesome nightmare's darling

Laughing out loud at the consequence

For the ones who loved you

For the ones you blamed

For the promise you made

Wasn't theirs to erase

The promise you made wasn't yours to break

  • Julissa Neely

The way you move

The rise and the fall of your bird as she sings

Over cracking earth with her golden wings

The turning winds

The expression of this

Reason not to move

Reason not to lose

The beauty of the air she breathes

Singing it out in her mother tongue

The day I was born I was made to hum

A tune full of promise

A symphony in three octaves

Done with greed

Done with inhumanity

Her love songs brought us

Laughter in the kitchen

Sun on the sand

Your hand in my hand

The shadow was gone

Of the death toll song

Turned to an eternal tune

Our souls together

Our love a light

Before we knew shame

Before there was blame

Before the reason was taken away

In silence, we shudder at the ripped sky

Stars careening in milky mirrors

Will we hang in the shadows and whisper we’re done

Taking chances, done dreaming, done dancing

Done believing in anyone

Will we hang on the edges of some future sun

Will we witness the battle to come

Slay our dragons, breath our fire

Fight our way out of the hum of a haunted desire

We asked for nothing because that’s all we knew

A history of burned books and careful arrangements

Wise men and fools who believed they could save us

If they could keep us from knowing the truth

Love is the proof

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  • Julissa Neely

Updated: Feb 13

You say it too easily

This word


You throw it around

Like a fist in a glove

You sway and you break

The passionate fake

You twist and you shove

The confusion you hug

Crystalline under bent and

broken ways to commend

The great truce the great trend

To pretend it’s not over

To make amends

I hear your whisper your words shiver

Down the shrine, you erected in time

To proclaim yourself a hero

A real big zero behind the edge of your

tune you hum it

You run it up the flagpole at noon

This quivering shivering shake

The earth shifts the heart takes

A bow at the edge of the news

You work your way through the crowd and you choose

The ribbon colors of death and doom

You wrap them around your terrible news

That love is a lie and hate is the truth

The accidental masses

careen and carouse

Anesthetized until they drown

In your words and your saccharine speeches

Then out of nowhere flies a fluttering bird

with lighted emerald eyes that are stern

Up the tree down the valley

Sent to rally the ones who refuse

The lie the dealer the wintery rake

Cold and forgotten in your turn of the phrase

You can’t shake

Needle to the vein to anesthetize the brain

I won’t take it for granted you heard the news

Love is a river

Love is a fuse

To light up the sky to lift up the eyes

To be the surprise

That wins back the crowd

The bird of wisdom

The words of truth

The loveless gives them

Something to choose

Holding close

Calling back

Listen to the wind

Wait for the crack

This whispered anthem

Love is found

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