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Love is the Proof

The way you move

The rise and the fall of your bird as she sings

Over cracking earth with her golden wings

The turning winds

The expression of this

Reason not to move

Reason not to lose

The beauty of the air she breathes

Singing it out in her mother tongue

The day I was born I was made to hum

A tune full of promise

A symphony in three octaves

Done with greed

Done with inhumanity

Her love songs brought us

Laughter in the kitchen

Sun on the sand

Your hand in my hand

The shadow was gone

Of the death toll song

Turned to an eternal tune

Our souls together

Our love a light

Before we knew shame

Before there was blame

Before the reason was taken away

In silence, we shudder at the ripped sky

Stars careening in milky mirrors

Will we hang in the shadows and whisper we’re done

Taking chances, done dreaming, done dancing

Done believing in anyone

Will we hang on the edges of some future sun

Will we witness the battle to come

Slay our dragons, breath our fire

Fight our way out of the hum of a haunted desire

We asked for nothing because that’s all we knew

A history of burned books and careful arrangements

Wise men and fools who believed they could save us

If they could keep us from knowing the truth

Love is the proof

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