• Julissa Neely

The Ghost of the Bank Vault

Updated: Apr 24, 2021

Dacinda Riland

Long dark hair

Green eyes

Long legs that could ride

A 100 miles in a snow storm

A bullseye shot

Cabin born

Still a woman in love

Can be a woman scorned

A Bank Robbers darling

Left in the vault when the sheriff came by

Left alone to die

Barely breathing

Leaving nothing behind

But a picture of her sweetheart and an old worn coat

She will dare you to take her by the hand

Wrapped up in ribbon and contraband

She will promise you wisdom

She will promise you wealth

She will promise you fame

She will shame and blame you

For showing up again

The trick is to look down

Don’t look in her eyes

You will drown

In her sorrow

Her anger

Her bitterness spent

In this low lying limbo

No remorse just lament

She says

Put me back together

Put me in your whisper

Put me in your shout

Put me in the middle of your worried house

Haunted visions

Tattooed rhythms

Clanging the cymbals

Banging the drum

Listen to the hum

Angry words

Leap from this damsel's tongue

Screaming lungs

Breathing in the shape you’re in

She wants you for

A bright future

A great escape

A cold suture

To stitch the scar

Deep and long down this road she’s on

The letters she left in the attic back home

The basement stairs

The panic

Living down there

With the bats

Doctors eyes

Goodbyes good byes

She’s the ghost of the Big River City Bank Vault

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