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Updated: Apr 8, 2020

Invisible bars

Phantom jailor

Ghosts of doom

Cornered in an empty room

Blinded in the sunlight

Most potent when undefined

Fear is a lie of the mind

Carving a grave for its followers

Frozen inside self-defense

Unable to remember what was beautiful

Words become daggers

It’s too dark out

We’re too old

We’re too young

Fear stomping its feet

Beating the drum

Crying out for vengeance

Fear wants to name a foe

It wants control

Won’t let go of its vice grip on the wheel of a sinking ship


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  • Writer's pictureJulissa Neely

Updated: Apr 8, 2020

Eleven sisters slip down the stairs

staring down at their mothers closed eyes

Cold lids, lifeless, beautiful 

Fallen too soon from the fire of youth


Heaven can’t wait to see you daughter of love

As you prayed, "Father, As I enter into this new world

you find me in my daughters, carrying me in their laughing hearts

May they love and live and know they are free

May they dance as I did under this Nebraska skyline

Fathers memory deep in my soul

May they hold close the stories he told

Father said, Ada, my love can you sing me a song

from the grave, a song of love?

You in your black dress so young and beautiful

You and me forgetting time waiting for the sunrise. Can you sing for me again?

Long stairs wooden banister winding down to the ballroom

Down past the colored lights that mother bought in Venice

Your merry heart

Your eyes of blue

Though I have no memory of you

I remember you when I see myself

Dancing with a merry heart

Following love to the better part of wisdom

I see you when I see my mother

The face of longing for her mother

I see you when I see the past

Cut coldly in a song for the brave

Don’t weep for me my lovely

I carried your love always

I’ll keep you close to my heart

Beating fast in this dream in the dance hall

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  • Writer's pictureJulissa Neely

Updated: Apr 8, 2020

White satin robe and a crown

framed in intricately woven golden threads

wrapped around your head

You tell me,” it’s a Holy City we are going to

The lights don’t burn on the city streets

The gates are closed, the guards keep watching

Don’t worry, it is someone else they are looking for.”

I was surprised to see you there in the darkness

White satin tunic burning like the sun in the night sky

Sitting on a stone carved bench in the liquid black ink colored darkness

You say “I am ready, I have been waiting for you.”

In a burst of white light and soft leather slippers

shuffling across this ancient street

leading me to the cab door

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