• Julissa Neely

Heroes and Villains


Like extras in an old western movie

Covered in chaos and dust

Arms entwined

Tumbling down the mountainside

We cannot deny it, and we cannot hide

The fear of discovery

The quick rewind

What the mirror will find

The Masai and the supermodel know

The camera lens can steal your soul

Take a picture of this madness

Take your place among the stones and statues

The bravest glow in the light of the summer

growing green at the roots and carrying the tune

To the real reason why

We are all afraid to die

The ending we know

It’s the same old show

The villain gets what you would expect

A bullet to the heart or a noose around the neck

Creeping up through the valley

Crawling on hands and knees

Born screaming our lungs out

Called from distance galaxies

Shot through the dark eternal abyss

Up from the agony of mother’s cries

Birth pangs dragging our new souls to the light

Here we find this truth between us

Hoping if we don’t say it

We won’t have to explain it

The hero rides in on a white horse

Whistling a love song

When you’re gone don’t be gone too long

When you coming home

When you coming home

When you coming  home

You don’t know how far I’ve been

Waiting by the kitchen door, low light flickering through the window in the night storm

Sister wind, father sun, brother moon, change the tune, beat the drum

What will we become

Can you see me waiting here

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